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Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Commercial and Residential Interior Design.


All of our residential, office design and office refurbishment services are carried out by our in-house squad of industry experts. We are able to offer a more reliable service with an outstanding statement between every team in-house.

  1. Workplace design and management.
  2. Office design.
  3. Office fit-out.
  4. Lighting, mechanical and electrical design.
  5. CAT A and CAT B refurbishments.
  6.  Aftercare
  7. Internet connections and networking.
  8. Multimedia and Animation services.
  9. Construction and management.

Why Us

Real Animation works ltd has been supplying residential, office design and office refurbishment projects in London and all over the EU including US and UAE for over 11 years now. Our in-house experts gross the time to study about your business and brief, our miscellaneous grid of clients has permitted us to alter offices and workplaces across London and all over the EU including US and UAE.


Phase A

1) Client survey and Brief.
2) Inventory of the existing walls, windows, furnishings, fittings.
3) Photography of the initial state.
4) Project budget and timeline.

Phase B

1) Design Development.
CAD plans, sections, and construction details.
2) Color selection, wall coverings, flooring, ceiling, doors and window, furnishings and finishes.
3) Initial review and approval.

Phase C

1) Construction Documents and Administration.
2) Final detailed design CAD drawings and 3d visuals (VR).
3) The final order of furnishings, fixtures, equipment, finishes and wall system.

Phase D

1) Construction.
2) Regular site visits.
3) Organize deliveries and installation
4) Client meetings as per phase.

Phase E

1) Project Completion.
2) Final look and demonstration.

Phase F

1) Final sign off.

Please check our 3D renderings 

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